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Since 1997 RetSoft has built ground breaking archiving and document solutions. Today, RetSoft is used by thousands of users around the world and millions of documents have been archived into RetSoft. Customers use RetSoft to find the right information fast, simple and secure.

The results

-    The IT Services Market moved to a SaaS price-model, RetSoft still was on a license-fee model

-    Website was outdated and lacked customer journey principles
-    SEO, SEA and Social had to been redesigned 
-    RetSoft partners urged for support in marketing and sales area

Our Services
Hay van Bilsen - RetSoft

“We are using the interim managers of MVP Starmaker, as we want to establish a transformative change in our commercial approach. MVP Starmaker guided us through our complete commercial repositioning. We changed our product and pricing model from a traditional license-fee model towards a SaaS model. But MVP Starmaker brought more, also our marketing approach was revamped from the start. MVP Starmaker took it all the way and proofed knowledge in all stages of the project. 


We are very pleased with the results. They took the complete website redesign and everything that comes with it, SEO, SEA and retargeting. Directly after our new website went live we saw our funnel growing with substantial more visits, leads and orders. Our Partners gained more trust in Retsoft again and has brought very interesting opportunities as well. Our complete company is focused on winning customers now!”

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